I Briganti di Capalbio

Bracieria of Tiburzi

Bracieria Maremma newly opened, where simplicity and quality of the dishes are home.
All our pasta, from pappardelle to tortelli Maremma, are homemade by the method of the grandmother.
Fresh pasta is served with only Maremma sauces , made with high quality meat and km 0 products to maintain the genuineness of the territory.

Braceria and more ...

In our menu you can not miss Acqua Cotta from Capalbio, Maremma traditional dish created by culinary art of the women and peasants in the Middle Ages.
Our bracieria offers a wide choice of meat, from grilled steak Florentine Chianina certified, cooked for a few seconds on the lava rock and then served on soapstone, where the customer can cook it by himself.

The side dishes that accompany the main courses are cooked with vegetables and vegetables of the surrounding area.
Do not miss the homemade desserts, including nooks and vin santo, chocolate cake, etc.

Some of our main courses:

  • pici with garlic
  • Pappardelle with duck or wild boar
  • Maremma tortelli with butter and sage
  • Gnudi butter and sage
  • Tagliatelle with mushrooms
  • Snowflakes butter and sage